2014 Aluminum Sheet
2014 aluminum plate sheet alloy elements of copper, molybdenum is called hard machining performance, high strength and good, 2014 aluminum plate used in high strength and hardness (including high temperature) of the occasion, also known as the 2 Department of military application for aluminum, heavy forgings, plate and extrusion materials used in aircraft the structure, the first stage rocket fuel tank and multi spacecraft parts, wheels, truck frame and suspension parts.
2014 aluminum plate sheet
Final product:Multistage rocket first stage fuel tank and spacecraft parts.

Performance Advantage of 2014 Pure Aluminum Plate Sheet

1, 2014 aluminum plate sheet with ultra-high strength and good cutting performance, adapt to high temperature environment;
2, 2014 aluminum plate sheet has low density, high specific modulus, good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, good manufacturing process;
3, Haomei aluminum production “1+1” ultra wide, ultra thick aluminum production line, the production of the 2014 aluminum plate, has good mechanical properties, high strength, easy processing, small density, widely used in aerospace and military fields;