3014 Aluminum Drill Entry Sheet
Haomei’s 3014 aluminum drill entry sheet are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment which matches international standards. Tight thickness tolerance, flatness, dimensional accuracy and grease-free surface and hardness optimal for burr-free drilling required in the manufacture of PCB are ensured.

Advantages of 3014 Aluminum Drill Entry Sheet

1. AA3014-H18 can protect the circuit board against scratches and pressing marks.
2. It improves the nicety degree of the drilling position. It makes the drilling have guidance so that the drill works without deflection.
3. It significantly lengthens the life of the drill bit. Its specific alloy composition can keep the cleanness and the cooling of the drill bit. Whats more, it is a good conductor of heat so it prevents overheating of the drill bit and it can avoid the oxidation of the surface.